These cosplays are based around what I can wear and my limited abilities. I am a 5′ 2″, 95 pound, and black hair girl. I don’t like to wear wigs, so I tend to stick with dark-haired people. I am XS/00 and, but I can wear S/0, too. I wear size 7 1/2 or 8 shoes. These tutorials should be basic and easy enough because I’m not very skilled in sewing or woodworking, so don’t expect any complicated props. If you’d like ask any questions, email me at underfiftycosplay@gmail.com


I try to find the best deals for these cosplays because I’m only using them once a year – Halloween. I’ve never been to a convention before and I don’t plan on going to one for a few more years. If there is THEORY in the title, it means that I’ve never tried any of the tutorials, so I can’t give any advice on them. If TRUTH is in the title, then I’ve completed the cosplay and there will be some photos and a review of it. Everything that you need are all on the Pinterest boards, which is at the top of the page. If you’re following a tutorial, make sure to check back often because there’ll only be one post about it. Sometimes, there are items that are cheaper, but there’s only one of it (like eBay), but I’ll link to the search and hopefully, you’ll find something that suits you. I use google shopping, amazon, ebay, and and app called mercari (which I highly recommend) to search for deals. All of the prices are situational. I might already have some items or found something in a thrift store and the shipping is based on where I live, so it might be a couple dollars off.